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{February 10, 2011}   Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Interview(s)

I thought it would be helpful for others trying to become a Delta Flight Attendant to read the process that I’ve gone through to date….

In September 2010 I applied on-line for the position of a Delta Airline Flight Attendant. I’d heard that after quite sometime they have determined that they need additional FA’s.

In January I received a phone call from Delta Human Resources. When I called them back the H/R Rep went immediately into a thirty minute interview. I didn’t realize this was coming, but fortunately I was in a quiet room with no interruptions.

They asked a series of questions, such as:
*Tell me about a situation at work when you had a conflict and how you resolved it.
*Tell me a situation when you needed to follow the rules.
*If you were on a flight and you had a passenger that was becoming inebriated what would you do?
*What would you do if you had a passenger who wanted to move his seat because he was upset from a crying baby in front of him?

The questions should be answered in the STAR format. Google it to learn more.

After the interview I was told that I did very well, and Delta would like for me to complete the in-depth application on-line. I did this immediately.

Within one week I received a call asking me to fly to Atlanta for a Flight Attendant interview. They called me on a Wednesday and asked me to be in Atlanta Monday or Tuesday of the following week. Interviews are conducted at 7:30am and 12:30pm. You advise them which date works best, then they book your flight. You are not given any options on if you can spend the night or night. They are adamant about you understanding when you are confirmed that no changes can be made. If you miss your interview you may not re-apply for six months.

I chose Tuesday at 12:30pm. Several days later I received an email confirmation stating that I was booked on a 6:15am flight from Denver to Atlanta, returning at 11:30pm.

Later I also received a few pages of notes, but not much that described how the day would roll out. The dress is business attire.

Delta’s HQ is not located at the airport, but a few miles away. The only transportation is by taxi. It costs approx $15/one way. This is not reimbursed.

If you fly out the night before you are provided with a special rate at a hotel by HQ. This is not a reimbursed expense and costs approx $70.

I arrived at the appointment slightly before 12:30. I didn’t want to take any chances on timing so I wore my business attire on the plane. All of the interviewees congregate in the lobby area. At 12:30 a FA greeted us and asked that we form two lines leading up to the desk. We collected an empty folder and were asked to place in it our required documents: Application, Passport, SS Card, etc. We were given name tags with a seating assignment on it.

Any luggage or bags were checked. Cell phones are turned off–not on vibrate. They are very serious about this.

From here walked across the street and were led into a large room. This room is where all of the interviewees stayed the whole day. As we walked into the room it was lined with FA’s. Single file we went through the line and shook hands with all of them. I later learned that these are the people that will be interviewing you, meeting with you, and ultimately deciding whether or not you will make the cut.

After about 20 minutes of meet and greet we were asked to sit in our assigned seats and watched a video about Delta made my Delta employees.

Next we were asked to come up to the front of the room, one by one, and answer the following:
*You Name
*Where you are from
*The language you speak
*Your occupation

My particular group of interviewees was comprised of both men and women, ranging in age from early twenties to late fifties. Some occupations that I recall included a bar tender, retired teacher, mom of six, banker, student, flight attendants from other smaller airlines. Attire consisted mainly of the traditional blue suit. I wore something a little different, but polished. High heels are not a problem because you have the opportunity to sit a good bit throughout the course of the day. There were approximately 50 people in my 12:30pm group. We were told that if we made it to this point we were each 1 in 21,000.

There were two Delta employees that we hadn’t been introduced to that were taking notes in the back of the room.

No lunch is provided. A beverage cart is located in the room and you have the ability to get water/sodas and snacks and you like throughout the day. My thought regarding this is that they want to see how you handle little food under pressure. No diabetics were weeded outwith my group. πŸ˜‰

We were told that we would be divided up into three groups, and there would be three different sessions for each of us.

My first session was to meet with a tenured FA. He gave us a run down of the job, benefits, training, etc. They’d previously asked us to put all notebooks and papers aside so we weren’t able to right any of the information down. Afterward there was a Q&A enabling you to ask whatever you liked. A couple of my takeaways….

*New FA’s are more than likely based out of NY, however, you do list you preference.
*Average first year pay is in the low 20’s.
*You earn a perdiem for food.
*Pay starts as soon as the cabin door closes and ends as the cabin door opens.
*Their computer systems appear to be very sophisticated, making bidding for flights a relatively easy process.
*Training last for 8 weeks (I believe). Dorms or hotel are provided. The train does not run to/from this location, so only transportation is by Shuttle or your personal car. Class days are 10hrs/day for six days a week. A grade average of 90% is required to graduate. Tests are given nearly every day. Family is flown in for graduation. There is a probationary period in which you may not miss a flight or you are terminated. Your first flight could very well be an international flight. Flights are chosen by seniority. If a meal is provided during the flight, each FA also has a meal. FA training is paid and is under $2000.

My second session was the only physical piece of the interview. One by one we were called into a room and asked to reach to points on the walls, symbolizing the overhead cabin. Next we were asked to sit in a chair and put on and take off the seat belt. After this was completed they took two photos: one headshot and one full length.

My third session was the face-to-face interview. I met with two FA’s and was asked six questions, very similar to the phone interview. Again, the responses needed to be answered in the STAR format. They reiterated that they wanted me to be as specific as possible, with no generalities. Both women were extremely nice, and made me feel as comfortable as possible giving the circumstances.

Once this was completed I was asked to read a situation that could take place on a flight and come up with my own verbiage to announce over the pretend loudspeaker….and smile with my language. Reading it is permitted. My particular scenario: You have a first time passenger (picture of a little girl). How would you make this passenger feel special.

After this was complete we all gathered back in the main conference room. We were told initially that we would hear back within three to four weeks whether or not we made the cut. One woman I spoke with had a friend go through the process a few weeks prior. She said they pulled aside a handful and told them that they had been chosen. This did not take place during my interview day. I’m not sure if that means they didn’t think any of us were a good fit, or if they are going to notify us later. I did learn that those not chosen will receive a letter stating so.

The FA’s said goodbye and we dispersed. I took a hotel shuttle bus back to the airport at no charge.

Overall, it was an awesome experience that I enjoyed. I was not asked any questions like, “Tell us why you think you should be hired as a Delta FA?”…..”How many countries is Delta located in?”……What year did Delta start and where?”…..”Who is the CEO of Delta?”. All of the memorizing of stats I did were not needed for the interview, but definitely needed if I go the next step.

Hope this is helpful.

UPDATE: Last Friday, just a few days after my face-to-face interview I received a thanks, but no thanks letter from Delta sent via email. This leads me to believe that you are chosen on the spot, and I just missed it, or they didn’t choose anyone from my group.


Live and Learn says:

I had the same experience. All of the flight attendants were insistent that we would not be given any news of positions being given today due to a backlog. I am not too confident in that answer since it seems that Delta offers FA positions on the spot.

Lisa says:

Although I didn’t see it I also believe they make on the spot offers. My last session was the interview piece. If they had their mind made up prior to that, then it seems a waste.

Jenni says:

I went through the process yesturday and they told us the same thing about being told via email…. I really hope that I do get an email saying I got it…. but am prepared for the other as well….

Live and Learn says:

That is what I recently read that they make on the spot offers. We were told there was a huge backlog and to expect to hear something in two weeks. I also have read in other blogs that if a person does not get the same day offer that they still might get an offer within two weeks, but if you don’t hear from Delta in two weeks or longer then expect a letter a while after that or even nothing at all.

XD says:

I just had my f2f this friday and we were told to give 3 weeks to get an email, but it normally takes less time than that. I have an LOD and it did not seem like anyone was offered the job on the spot…but I have no idea…boo waiting

XDS says:

After reading your entire process I think we were in the same group. All I can say is I havent heard anything period not even an email or anything so maybe they are slowly going through all the applications?

XDS says:

correction mine was a little later but it was a very similar process.

Lisa says:

I learned yesterday that Delta will be hiring again in the fall. I was urged to apply again by a Delta “lifer” FA.

Let me know what you all find out. The more info, the better prepared we are.

Ashley says:

How long do u have to wait to reapply? 6 months?

greenwrld says:

I’d apply again

Hello there! This post couldn’t be written any better! Looking through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He continually kept preaching about this. I will forward this article to him. Fairly certain he’ll have a great read. Many thanks for sharing!

yhen says:

What a blessing to read your experience and share it to everyone of us. You have blessed me today and of course it is all in God’s hands. God bless you all and may the Lord shower you with His favor this coming 2013.

Suzanne says:

Hi Lisa. It looks like this email thread stopped quite awhile ago. I’m hoping you still check it. I just got off the phone with Delta after feeling I totally bombed the phone interview. I wish I had been prepared; wish I had read your post. The recruiter did NOT tell me I did a good job but she DID ask me to go online and fill out the application. I’m hoping this is a good sign? Do you, or anyone else out there, have any insight into this. I’m wondering if that is standard procedure after a phone interview. I’ve been thinking about doing this job for years. I’m in my mid-40’s now so this would be quite the lifestyle change for me. I’m just ready for something new and exciting. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa says:

Hi Suzanne. I suspect because the recruiter suggested you fill out the on-line application that you did do well with the phone interview. I’m in my 40’s, too, and I think it would be a very challenging, fulfilling and exciting job. When I had the face-to-face I didn’t feel as if my age hurt, but likely helped given how air travel has evolved since 9-1-1. It’s a serious business and well-seasoned men and women are a desirable commodity. My advice is to complete the app, wait for the phone call, and show up confident and polished. If you don’t get hired this go around, then try again. I was given this advice by flight attendant friends. The airlines are continuing to hire! Best of luck to you, Suzanne!

Stanley says:

Hey Lisa! Love all the insight and information. I know it’s been some time, but do you remember any of the six questions they asked you during the one on one part of the interview?
Thanks so much!

Lisa says:

Unfortunately, I cannot remember the specific questions. I do recall that they were common sense questions. For example, “How would you handle a conflict with a coworker?” From the questions that were asked, I sense they’re looking for someone that is logical and balanced. This makes sense when you think about how some passengers handle themselves when flying. Say you are a flight attendant and you have a passenger that has had too much to drink. How would you handle it? I believe they’re looking for someone that can respond professionally and calmly so that the situation goes away rather than escalates. Hope this helps!

thisiseasycash says:

I had a phone interview day before yesterday. Thanks for this post and explaining the process.

Lisa says:

Would you consider posting some of the questions they asked to help others? says:

thanks for a great post – I wish I would have seen it before the interview – I just had the phone interview and the recruiter didn’t tell me i passed or not etc’ (probably because i didn’t have an answer to one of her questions that went something like : tell me of a difficult situation you had recently and how you resolved it… -at the end she just said that she is writing a few notes and forwarding it on.. or something of that sort..
do you think this means i didn’t pass?

Lisa says:

They didn’t give me a yes or no, but I had a feeling I did well. You may have done well too. If you don’t get a call back, then I’d apply again. Thanks for telling us about the question that stumped you and good luck!

amanda says:

Hey there! I just had my phone interview about 20 minutes ago… I had applied online back in Dec 2012 and then received an email April 2013 stating that the position had already been filled… I then received another email Aug 2013 asking to further my FA interview process. I called and was not able to move forward bc my passport had not arrived yet (even after that phonecall, I received multiple emails and phonecalls to further my interview process)… my passport finally arrived today. Prior to today I researched everything I possibly could on the interview process, questions, how long it took, etc. Wrote down notes and read over them prior to calling for my interview today. Just my luck, I had every question and answer written down… here they are:
1. How would you handle an on board drunk passenger?
2. What would you do in the case of a passenger refuses to check extra luggage on a fully booked flight?
3. If a passenger complains about a noisy passenger sitting near them, how would you handle the situation?
4. A passenger decides to stand up during turbulence and refuses to sit back down and fasten their seatbelt, what would you do?
5. Are you available to fly to Atlanta to further the interview process?
6. Are you still available to have a flexible schedule to where you will be on-call or have to leave within an hour?

After my interview on the phone, she then verified all my contact information and told me I would hear something from Delta within 6 months and if I do not, I am free to apply again at the end of those 6 months. She wished me Good Luck with the interview process and said have a great afternoon. The entire process took approximately 10 minutes.

Hope this helps! Best of luck to everyone!

Kay says:

Hello! I just finished a 15-20 minute interview. I applied 2 weeks ago, received a phone call yesterday, went straight to voicemail, I returned their call to find out that within 48hrs they will call me back. The young said that their phone is backed up. Needless to say I called them again today & gotten thru. I just did my interview. I am confident I answered my question in the star format, always positive.
1. What would you do if a child is walking up and down the aisle and a passenger complaint about it?
2. How would you handle an intoxicated passenger that ask for more drinks?
3. You customer ordered food but you ran out of that food order in first class?
4. Name a time where you saw dishonesty and unfairness among co-workers, group or friends?
5. A passenger is irate about missing his connecting flight due to weather, what do you say?

He said thank you and someone from the hr department will be contacting soon. Crossing my finger someone calls or emails me. Good luck to everyone, hope these questions help.
I hope I made a lasting impression. I currently am A Flight Attendant, I’m looking for personal growth with an amazing company & travel the world.


Lisa says:

Thank you, Kay, and best of luck to you!

Renee says:

That’s amazing Kay good luck they called me and I lost the number !!!! Do u have that please I can not find it anywhere they called Sunday while I was in the hospital 😦 I need this job

Renee says:

I lost the phone number for the phone interview :(:( anyone have it I was in the hospital when they called I wrote the number down and the nurse threw is away !! Can anyone help please , ??

Renee says:

Kay do you still have it ?

my says:

Hi this is Stephanie, these post have been wonderful. I was referred to Delta by a friend, so I got an email invitation to apply and take assessment. I did my first phone interview today. The questions were the same as Kays except they didn’t ask me the 5th question. They also asked me a few situational questions that I have personally went through. I totally forget what those were but they weren’t difficult. I was put on hold after I answered the questions. the man said he need to write down some notes. When he came back on the phone he said he was sending my info to a senior recruiter and that i should get a call and a email back. Good luck and may the Lords will be done for all of us concerning this job poison!! By the way, Renee here is that number: (866)492-8821

how would you answer the questions that are listed in a couple of the posts I just want to make sure I have the right answers if they do call thanks.

Stephanie says:

Question: What would you do if a child is walking up and down the aisle and a passenger complaint about it?
Answer: Go to the parents and ask is there anything you can get the child that will help the child to get back in the seat.
Question: How would you handle an intoxicated passenger that ask for more drinks?
Answer: Inform him that when flying in high altitudes one drink is like drinking 2 and that it is not safe to drink to much and let him know that that is the rules of the airline.
Question: You customer ordered food but you ran out of that food order in first class?
Answer: Let the customer know that your sorry for the inconvenience but that the food truck must have forgot to restock that item and persuade him towards something else on the menu.
I dont know if these are the absolute correct answers but I think they are descent. I’ll take any criticism if someone knows the correct answers

lady402 says:

Your answers were very helpful, thank you

lady402 says:

Stephanie, I have researched and found nothing professional, can you help with these questions? 1) What would you do in case of a passenger refuses to check extra luggage on a fully booked flight? 2) If a passenger complains about a noisy passenger sitting near them, how would you handle the situation? 3) A passenger decides to stand up during turbulence and refuses to sit down and fasten their seatbelt, what would you do? Thank you for your feedback.

thank you for the answers I just had my phone interview and did ask all the same questions I think i did well and the interviewer said great answers at the end of the interview he said he had to type some notes then said he would pass the information on and if they needed anything else they will get in touch with me it didn’t sound like I will be getting a call but I tried. Has anyone else gotten a call back or an email yet??

beautyC says:

the person that interviewed me said the same thing to me after the interview.

beautyC says:

Hello everyone 1st i want to wish you all best of luck in this process..
I just had my phone interview today i didnt feel like i did well but i have hope. I was referred by a friend that a team leader at delta, i did my application and did my assessment right away the next day i got the call and did the phone interview today. Im hoping i get an email or a phone call soon whether i get an appointment for the F2F or not.
again good luck to you all.

Stephanie says:

So I did my first interview and a few days later I was called again- I was thinking it was a second interview. It was actually a recruiter inviting me to a face to face. Im going on November 8. I heard that interview process is going to be changed up so be prepared for some differences. Good Luck everyone!!!

Jules says:

Stephanie how long after you applied did someone contact you?

Mandy says:

I too will be there on November 8th! 1230 interview

wow congrats thats awesome!!!! I was only told after the phone interview he would be sending my info on and if they needed anything else they would call me so I’m guessing I didn’t pass.

beauty C what did they tell you after the phone interview?

beautyC says:

Sorry for the late reply after my last message today I received a phone call to go to the F2F interview im excited and nervous at them same time.

Wendy Clark says:

I had two phone interviews. Was really nervous, so not sure how I did! Good luck everyone!!!

Jules says:

I filled out my application 4 days ago and still haven’t heard anything? My application says “under review” does anyone know how soon they call you back? I called to check on status and they said they would have someone call me back within 24 hours. Thanks for any information.

Stephanie says:

Hi Jules, it took like maybe a week before I was called for the phone interview. Fortunately, I was referred, so they look at referrals first. I heard through the grapevine that there is like 150,000 people applying but they will only be hiring 1000. This will be a tough one for us all- even the people who get a face to face. Don’t worry yet, they will probably be hiring until December because their training starts in January.

Jules says:

It says that they stop taking applications November 1st is the deadline. But I got a call yesterday…”same questions”. Verified my information about the passport etc and then she asked me like 5 scenario questions then said ok were going to proceed to the interview part then said ok great I have created a file for you and will send this onto my senior recruiter and if they have any further questions they will contact you “Good Luck.” I was like “ok.” thank you. I had already done the online application and assement test prior to them calling me. She said my application was “still under review.” So I dunno hoping to hear back something by end of week “Im hoping.” Good Luck everyone!

Stephanie says:

Hey Mandy, I will be there at 12:30 on November 8! Were you a referral or did you just get in? Are there any pointers that you know that might help me?

Jules says:

Stephanie I am hoping I get a call like you did a few days later…so we shall see! Regardless this blog/site prepared me for the interview so thank you

Stephanie says:

Jules, it sounds like you may have got a face to face. They told me also that they were sending my info to a senior recruiter also. Good luck!!! Sounds like you should receive a call.

Jules says:

Will see…don’t want to “get my hopes up” but will keep you posted! I keep checking my email like crazy hoping I DON’T SEE EMAIL
from them saying sorry but thank you. Will let you all know either way! I have a event on the 8th so not sure how I am going to pull all of this off?! But I will somehow make it happen “if I get the call!”

Stephanie says:

Any reply yet Jules?

Jules says:

No still says under review too…:-(

Rina says:

I jost have a phone interview(didn’t exspect)I call to check on my status and he ask if I like to have an interview.Questions are same ,thank you for posting so i was prepared to answers.At end he said sending my nifo and notes to HR and Good luck.Anybody knows whats this mean did I passed a phone interview?

Stephanie says:

Mandy, Do you have any helpful info pertaining to our interviews on Friday the 8th? I will be talking with my friend who referred me tomorrow so she can give me some pointers.

Nana says:

Morning, I applied on Oct 27th, 2013 and I received my phone interview yesterday on Nov 4th, 2013. Unfortunately, I did not read this post until now. The questions were as Kay mentioned, the first series of questions were flight related which took me by surprised but did my best according to my knowledge of the aviation industry for I have a degree i aviation Administration. Then the lady asked if I have time for another round of interview,I said yes and it was done by her again the situation questions. I was not informed about STAR format. She walked me through how to complete the background check online application and wished me good luck. I applied for the FA French Speaker position. I shall patiently await …

kate says:


Can anyone tell me what the specific job number for the flight attendant position was? Thank you.

Nana says:

Morning, how long do they contact you after the two first phone interviews?

hey all I just got an email from delta telling me that they want me to move forward and come in for a face to face interview and there is a number to call it says please call us as soon as possible if you are still interested. I did my phone interview a week ago.

Rina says:

Wish you a good luck !!! Let us know about your f2f interview :)))

Hi stephanie can you let us know how the interview goes and what the set up is now Good luck!!!!

hi there, I called the number delta emailed me and I got a interview appointment on November 21st at 12:30.
If anyone else has the same appointment please let me know it would be good to meet with someone going there to.

beautyC says:

Hello Lisajokster good luck! I have the same day but different time

Allison Lazaris says:

lisajokester! I have the same date and time!!! email me!

that is awesome Beauty C!!!!!! did you get the early am time? have you heard anything about the way delta is doing the interviews??

beautyC says:

Yes I have to be there at 7:30 i got my fingers crossed God know i really want this I know we all want this. Good luck again guys. I know a lot of people applied for the same job i am not too sure how many they will actually hire

Stephanie how did your interview go????

Stephanie says:

Lisa, I believe the interview went well. I did not get hired on the spot. I did talk to the person who referred me. she said within 3to 4 days if I didn’t make the cut that I would receive an email. She said she got hired 3 wks after her interview. I have advice for everyone though make sure your ready for any situational questions. They will ask you at least 6. I cant remember what mine were but they were not what I had expected. That was the hardest part of interview. Other than that everything else is pretty fun, but be prepared for a long day. Im keeping positive hoping not to see that email.

Liz says:

Hello FA In The Making!
I went on a face to face interview in Atlanta in Nov 2013. The experience was great. You did explain the process pretty much to a T. The FA Recruiters & HR people did everything to make you feel comfortable and welcome, they even did a song & dance number for us! Towards the end of our interview when everyone is about to leave the interview process they said we will contact you in 2 weeks or less, then they proceeded to call aprx 7-10 names and asked them to stay behind. Once they said that I knew I wasn’t selected. I just received the email 4 days after the interview. Great experience over all, free trip and now I know for the next time! Good Luck everyone and God Bless!

beautyC says:

Im sorry to hear that but hey like u said great experience. how many people were there at the interview?

Liz says:

Hi @beautyC, I would there were apprx 40-50 people. Both male & female.
@ lisa Illingworth the face to face interview was just like the thread you wrote. My interview was at 7:30 am , we all meet in the lobby of the building. Once 7:30 came we were escorted over by FA Recruiters. It was raining so they gave us all umbrellas to go across the street. Once in the next building we went upstairs to the Delta lounge area. We were introduced to the I would say the host FA that took you thru each step of the interview before going in to the introduction room. She explained we were 1 in 77,000 people to get this interview. Told a little of what to expect of the day, then we went into the other room. There you introduce your self to the group and HR members in the back of the room making notes. So be vibrant, smiling and say a nice introduction of your self. Thats there first impression, I think. I think they watch you the whole time from the moment you get into the lounge area. From there your set up in to groups such as group A,B,C…. Some groups do there 1on1 interview first where they ask you scenario questions like in the phone interview, maybe about 20 mins. Depends how long you take to answer. They give you a small passage of a scenario that could happen on the plane regarding making an announcement. Part 2 depending on what group your in. You get the info on the company and what to expect being a flight attendant. I try to give it step by step. You do a lot of mingling in the lounge area waiting for the steps to proceed. The entire time interact with people and other FA and keep smiling!

Liz and stephanie can you walk me through the interview from start to finish?

jen says:

Great info! I have my f2f this Thursday, 11/8. Any tips/questions would be great.

Nana says:

@stephanie my fingers are crossed for you … I just got an email asking to call Delta through a phone link for another interview … I didn’t see anywhere there was a 3rd interview before the face 2 face. Is that how they schedule the face to face? Thanks all for your information.

hi nana it seems like everyone has been contacted differently some where called and some where emailed. I had one phone interview then a week later I got an email asking me to call to set up the face to face, maybee that is what they will do.

Nana says:

@lisa thanks a lot …. this is the intro: Congratulations! The next step in the hiring process is to complete an interactive telephone-based interview. This is likely a process you’re unfamiliar with, but it’s quite simple and should only take a few minutes. I have a feeling it’s another question based interview this would be my 3rd interview. Weird!

Cindy b says:

Hello all, my app says under review I saw where someone called delta and got an interview on the spot. I didn’t know calling them was an option can anyone fill me in on this ?

Coolio says:

I missed their call and my voicemail was full for any message to be left. i was at work and rejecting their call cuz i dont answer funny looking numbers…i have never felt so ridiculous. what number can i call cuz i dont think they’ll call back or email me to set up an interview. Tragedy!!!

Hi nana it sounds like delta is messed up at the moment if you already had 2 phone interviews you shouldn’t need a 3rd. I would call the number and tell them you already had 2 phone interviews they should be able to tell you whats next after that.

Hi Cindy when did you apply? if you havent had a phone interview already they will call you for a phone interview it may take a while but they will call.

Hi jen how did your interview go? Can you tell us about how how they are doing them now??

Jen says:

I’m flying to ATL tomorrow for interview Thursday morning. I will post the format. But in the meantime, if anybody has helpful hints I’m all ears.

Nana says:

Alisa. thanks. It was the language test, I completed it last night. I was a bit nervous have no idea why because I speak fluent french. I just dislike phone interview and automated systems. It is so impersonal. However, I am crossing my fingers I will receive a f2f. Only time will tell. Thanks everyone for sharing your experience really helped. Good luck to all.

Nana says:

@Coolio Sorry to hear that. The number is 1.866.492.8821

Jen Good Luck!!!!! I got my fingers crossed for ya!! I hope you get fingerprinted!or whatever it is they do now

Hi all, from all the research I have been doing on how to get hired it seems like the most important part of the assessment day is the group activity and thats where the interviewers make there choice of who stays and who goes, from what I read you want to make sure you are vocal and not shy and or in the background, possibly volunteer, to keep time or write down the group answers and make sure you speak up in the group address the others by the names on their name tags which shows respect and stay involved, I hope this helps

Nana says:

@lisa Group Activities – please can you shine more light, I didn’t read anywhere there was a group interview session. Thanks

coolio says:

Thanks Nana….i’m nervous like crazy. had one with American airlines and haven’t heard from them 3 days now and I feel terrible. that’s why I am hesitating to call delta! all this is making me have sleepless nights. 😦

Nana says:

@coolio, I had a video interview with American Airlines too last week still no response. Don’t be nervous. and take action call Delta. The worst they can say is you didn’t move on and you will be onto the next. Don’t be sleepless, always be in gladiator mode to get ready to kill it once you get the interview. I refuse to stress myself out, if it is meant it be it shall be. We all have done out best and that’s the best we can give ourselves.

Nana says:

@coolio, I had a video interview with American Airlines too last week still no response. Don’t be nervous. and take action call Delta. The worst they can say is you didn’t move on and you will be onto the next. Don’t be sleepless, always be in gladiator mode to get ready to kill it once you get the interview. I refuse to stress myself out, if it is meant it be it shall be. We all have done out best and that’s the best we can give ourselves.

coolio says:

Nana, you are such a stress relief. it is always great to find someone to relate to. thanks a lot. i’ll do the interview with Delta in a few hours ( after a few drinks to be hyper- lol) and get back to you. thanks again for being such a huge relief and encouragement.

John says:

I had my f2f with Delta Yesterday November 12 and I thought I did very well, and there was a lot of mingling which was very important, they said nobody would get an answer today but would hear in about two weeks or less but at the very end they called about 7 people to stay behind they needed more information from them. I did have one of their cell numbers of a person that was called to stay behind and I did talk to the person today and they said that all that was asked to stay behind got a conditional job offer so on that day if they do not say stay behind I’m afraid you may be out of luck. Also all but one was in the A group. The interview was very relaxed and was an easy day.

Nana says:

You are still in the running according to the reviews I have read. Is it possible to give us a run down of the your day please ? Good luck.

coolio says:

That is just low down of them. I guess lies will guarantee your employment and promotion with them.

Hi john, I have a face to face also with delta on the 21st of this month, what group activity did they have you do? and was the actual interview a panel? or a one on one? It sounds like the American interview I went to last year where you get the company info then get split into groups do an activity then do the interview at american there where 3 recruiters sitting in front of a group of 5 candidates and one by one they went around the room askin all of us the same question there were 5 behavioral questions. then we were put in another room and we asked questions then a recruiter came and called like 8 names and took those people out of the room then we were told no one would hear today but the people who were called out got an offer.
I got my thanks but no thanks email 2 days later. I am scheduled for an interview again with American on the 3rd of December I hope I make it through this time!

John says:

It was two FA and you for the one on one. The other part of the day was mingling with everyone. At the beginning you have to get up in front of everyone and introduce yourself. Then you had a reach test to make sure you are tall enough I think you have to be at least 5.0′ then you had to buckle yourself in a jump seat and make sure the belt fits and you do not need an extension. They took two pictures of you. The one on one was 6 scenario questions, forgot what they were sorry. but they were not the difficult then they randomly take a paper out of a folder and it will give you a situation you have to make believe you are on the PA and make an announcement. But at the end if you are not called and ask to stay and you are not in group A maybe the B group consider it a good learning experience. 70,000 applicants and only 1,500 openings very small chance. a lot of people I talked to this was there second and third try. But again it was a great day everyone was extremely nice.

Nana and coolio, don’t stress because it is such a long process it took a month to hear back from when I did my phone interview, I got the email invite for the face to face and a number to call to set it up.

John says:

I applied online 10/16 got a callback on 10/23 had my second phone interview the same day then the next day the 24 they called me back for a F2F.

Nana says:

Lisa, thanks. good luck with your interview. I think mine was longer because I applied as a LOD. So i am patiently waiting. I have been watching a lot of PA on you tube, some are funny just to get the lingo right. John thank for the information all well noted and don’t stop chasing.

Coolio says:

I called this morning and was told i will be called back. they called me a minute ago and i had two interviews on the spot. before the interview, was asked passport info. first set of questions (cant remember word to word- just wrote main theme of question)
1- toddler running on the isle and seat belt sign is on
2-child sleeping on the floor and seat belt sign is on
3-serving alcohol to a drunk passenger
4-unavailability of customer’s food choice during delay

Next interview session which were all situations relating to any previous customer service experience
1-dealing with a difficult customer
2-when u initiated a successful team work
3-working at fast pace and extended period
4-2 situations of unfair treatment and how you handled it.
She said she will submit notes to senior and i will be contacted if they need further information.
I can say i was not as nervous as i was when i did the automated interview with AA and i focused on achieving customer satisfaction all along when i was answering the questions. I hope for the best tho after being on this blog, i can handle the worse. You all have been great help. Thank you and God bless you all. I will update as soon as anything new happens.

hi john, thanks so much for the layout of the interview one question I have is about the A group and B group thing if they place you in either A or B group does that mean you may have a better chance of being selected?

John says:

Yes… better in the A group.. the day of the interview, then after that they add up scores and will also call people in for training but chances of course goes down hill if not picked the day of the interview.

Nana says:

This morning I called Delta for it has been more than 72hours since I took the language test and haven’t heard a response. The lady told me they don’t have any appointment dates set watch out for a phone call or email. I could tell she gave me a line because it’s not in her hands. oh well, patience is a virtue. But all this is messing up vacation plans for end of Nov.

coolio says:

what questions do they ask in the language test?

Nana says:

What country you would like to visit ?
if you weren’t working what would you do?
When do you feel satisfied at work?

I think the language test is not about right or wrong answer it is more about your pronunciation and fluency in the dedicated language.

Lisa says:

One of the tasks you do during the face-to-face is to go into a room and sit in a airplane seat and buckle and unbuckle it. They want to make sure you can do this. This seemed pretty silly to me, so I wonder if there is a scale attached to the seat, or if they measure how your leg measurements to determine if you are too large. Thoughts anyone?

They want to make sure you don’t need a seat belt extender. There is no weighing…that would be discrimination.

Hi Jen how did your interview go???

jen says:

John gave a very accurate description of the process. I was in group A which had many employees/employee referral applicants. The interview process is not difficult but somewhat unnerving since it’s hard to determine what is the answer they would like to hear. The interviewers were 2 FA’s and 1 person from HR. They do offer you the opportunity to collect your thoughts on paper before answering. I did not do this and think that in hindsight I should have. The mix and mingle between sessions feels a lot like sorority rush. It appeared that the ones chosen to stay behind were younger, male, some had a second language. Only one person with previous FA experience was chosen and she was still very new with her company. It appears that Delta would like to mold younger individuals into the ideal employee.

However, I do know of situations where people have been contacted months later with a job offer. Delta is looking for 1500-1600 FAs to cover the new aircraft and the attrition of older FAs.

is anyone scheduled for an interview on Monday the 18th in Atlanta?

Nana says:

Here is an opportunity with Norwegian Dreamliner :

coolio says:

thanks Nana…that was the shortest application for any kind of job that I ever filled out!

Nana says:

@Coolio no problem, I shall apply tonight. also Jet Blue will be opening their portal on Nov 19 to Nov 20 for flight attendants at Take advantage.

coolio says:

oh yeah!!!! yay!!! I shall have a vigil on those 2 days….lol
owe a lot to you! best wishes to you too!

Nana says:

Oh the portal is 11/19/13 9am EST – 11/20/13 9am

Hi Jen thanks so much for the rundown of your interview so do they group the current employees together with all the referrals?? like in what you mentioned as group A? And do you remember any of the questions they asked you??

Hi true foodie mine is the 21st of this month, do you have any info that would be helpful?

Hi Lisa…….none other than mine is on Monday..just wondering if anyone else was going then…..I’ve been there (2 yrs ago) and it’s exactly like others have posted here…..obviously I’m hoping this time will work for me :-)) even though I’m “older” and wiser…haha…..I wish you luck !

Hi truefoodie thanks good luck to you to!! I have done loads of research on how to answer airline questions I just wish I knew what questions where being asked.

Hi john, Do you remember any of the questions that they asked in the interview?? And how or when do they sort out what group each applicant goes into? do they do it by ones who are employees or have experience????

John oh I forgot to ask you said they add up scores what do you mean what kind of scores???

If you had an interview at 12:30 do you remember when it was over? at what time was your flt back?

Has anyone ever been asked tell me about yourself in an interview if so how would you go about answering that question seeing it is such a broad question to ask

Nana says:

Lisa,prepare a 20 sec elevator pitch highlighting your success in a chronological order with closing describing your greatest strength sometimes less is more and try to be very concise. Google: elevator speech

Jasmine says:

Hey guys I’ve been keeping up with your comments. It really helped me do great on the interview. I have one on the 21st.

beautyC says:

Hey Jasmine how are u I hope to see u at the interview mines is the same day 21st 7 am good luck

Jasmine says:

Hey @beautyc I’m great and nervous !! Good luck to you as well!.

hey there is anyone going to the 12:30 interview on the 21st??

Hey good luck to everyone that has gone recently, I went today for 12:30 I had never been to a delta interview before it was interesting to say the least, long day very friendly people maybee just a bit over the top, I was not selected today unfortunately but now I will know what to expect for the next time

I had a non rev delta flight attendant on flight today who did recruitment last year and she told me that during the interview they have a phase where a group goes into a room to ask questions about the airline and she said that is when they pull the ones they want to fingerprint and sign documents it’s all very secretive and no one else there knows it’s happening

Nana says:

Whoop. whoop, I just received the call this morning for my F2F, scheduled for Dec 2nd, 2013 at 7:30 am … this will be an experience for my books. Good luck to everyone else doing it this week. Cheers

Coolio says:

Congrats Nana! yayyyy to you. I screamed at work when I saw your email this morning and couldn’t wait to congratulate u and wish u luck! will be praying for you.

Nana says:

@coolio, thanks so much … especially for the prayers.

Kiki Appriah says:

Hello guys…… Hope all is well and i hope you find this posting helpful…
I had my phone interview with Delta today at 10:30 and it lasted for 25-30 minutes. I’ve applied for this position so many times i’ve lost count but this time I was more prepared being that I’m currently a recruiter and I know what employers are looking 4 in potential candidates. First and foremost, be personable during your phone interview. Give the recruiter a reason to want to stay on the phone with you are they will surely find a quick and easy way to end the conversation. Secondly, be yourself, be confident but avoid coming off as cocky. Finally, sound like you are excited about the opportunity and engage in a normai conversation. Its a interview but if you can get the recruiter to forget that its a interview, the better your chances are. So let me tell you guys about my experience.

I got a call this morning around 8:30, I missed the call because I was sleep so I called back soon as my morning voice went away.. I didn’t want to scare the recruiter…lol
Before calling back, I did serveral things, first I pulled up my application , resume and got my passport ready. I read a couple blogs than I called…… I waited for 15 minute than someone took my call. She asked for my pass port expiration date and than the fun part. I was first asked three general questions like this position requires a flexible schedule, and may require you to be on call, are you still interest? She asked if I was 21 or older than she asked me three situational questions. Now prior to this, I’ve never made it pass the first couple questions. They would end the call and tell me that they were fowarding my information over to the senior recruiter. If they tell you that, you didn’t meet their requirments. A recruiter job is to find the best candidate, they want to get you the job but they will not waste their time on a person that isn’t a good fit. I was trained to end calls the very same way. So after that she told me that she had a few more questions and asked if I had time to answer those questions so we processed. I knew at that point I was on the rigth track. The next 6 questions were about personal experiences and how I handle difficult situations (be as general as possible). I was able to get the recruiter to open up to me and we talked about her personal experience growing up the windy city of chicago. at that point i felt a sense of relieve. We shared our personal stories and laughted like we had been friends for years than she told me to keep a look out on my email or be expecting a call. I already filled the app out in its entirety so now its a waiting game.

Questions I was asked were the same as the above questions.

I know the f2f is going to be very intense so I’m preparing myself mentally for it….. I keep hearing people mention the Star format so I learning all much as i can about that.
I hope you guys find my experience helpful and hopefully in a weeks I will have an updates (happy update)….finger crossed…

Kiki Appriah says:

I do have a question for yall…. If a person doesn’t graduate, will their offer be rescrinded????

Lena says:

Hi, Guys, I did a phone interview on today 11/29/2013, I recieved a voicemail from the hr department at delta on yesterday afternoon. Thanksgiving day. lol. I’m hoping that I did well. I really love to travel,and I have always wanted to become a FA.

Anita Kharran says:

Thank you everyone for your words of wisdom and experience in this whole process. I have my F2F on 12/11/13 at 7:30am. If anyone is in that session please email me at I would love to meet fellow co-workers!!! Good luck to everyone, and do not forget… Game faces and smiles everyone!

Ronnie says:

Thank you all for the great information. I am flying to Atlanta tomorrow for my f2f on Thursday the 12th @ 12:30pm. Does anyone know when the next FA class starts??? How much time do you have if you are selected to make arrangements??

Ronnie says:

BTW I was called about a week after my phone interview and offered a f2f December 8. I told them that I couldn’t make that date and they told me to try and call them again in January and maybe there will be other interviews. I really thought that was the end of the road for me, but then I got an email asking me to call them. I called and they offered a few dates and times. I’m looking forward to the process, sounds like from all the postings that it’s a fun day.

Coolio says:

@ Nana:
Nana, been anxiously waiting to hear from you. What happened and how did it go?

Xiaoyu Zheng says:

I have f2f on December 17th 7:30am. Is anyone gonna be there too? Let me know. My email is πŸ™‚

sissi says:

I did my phone interview today i think i bombed the interview. I wish I read this blog before or after i applied for the position.

ckino011 says:

I got my call this past Saturday Jan 11 at about 0830am and I never thought they would call on a weekend. I’m normally ready for anything that comes my way but this I was not ready. I applied on Oct 04 2013 and I get my call over 3 months later. I believed I bombed it too but I will think positive. One question I had I had to give 2 examples and nothing general.

E vingo says:

I had my phone interview on Sunday evening and yesterday they called and scheduled my face to face for next wed @730am in Atlanta . Yikes! Now I am nervous! Especially after reading how,hard it is to get hired by delta. I have been in the interview processed with American and us air and had completely forgot I applied with delta in sept so it was a total shocker! It’s funny because it was the same spur of the moment surprise phone interview so I too thought I had bombed it.

I just finished the F2F. I did enjoy the experience and found everyone involved to be very uplifting. I don’t understand why Delta hired outside HR people to assist them in the hiring. It seemed as though everything was on a point basis, the higher your score the better the chance.
I would like to know what it is that Delta is looking for in a candidate. I did notice they hand picked a few contenders at the end of it all and asked them to stay and bid a nice “good luck” to the rest. I noticed the people they chose to stay were young and fluent in a language.
All in all I enjoyed the process, and all I could do was just be myself. I was a former flight attendant, and majority of my complimentary letters from passengers stressed the fact of my being funny and “natural” and not “phoney”, and made their flight comfortable and safe. I guess Delta doesn’t want that, as I was sent an email of “thanks but no thanks”.

Wkrogh4 says:

I have enjoyed this blog more than any other. Thank you for all of the wonderful details.

I am applying for a french speaking position and I am hoping someone knows more details. I am conversational speaker not a native fluent speaker. I did receive an email that I responded to and then a computer called me about 2 minutes after I hit send. The telephone computer allowed me to hit a button to repeat the question then a number to record my response. I must admit I was too tense and did not do very well. Does anyone know are these the same questions for the regular English interview or different? How much of the group interview is in the forgein language? How much of the training will be in the forgein language? Please help I want to know if I am in over my head or not? I can say and understand all that I would need on the airplane.

barbara says:

hy i aplied in october,and i just had my phone was super nervous and all my questions were customer situations..what would you say if a drunk person asked you for more drinks,,i said” im sorry sir but theres a limit on drinks on board…2/what would you do if an infant is running up and down the isles.i said tell tell parents to take about if they did nothing,,then id strap him in hes chair myself. 3/same situation with one sleeping in the isle..i said same ask parents if not .nicely put him in a seat..they said they would let me know…actually it was so long i thought they had everyone already..hope i get it..anyone jus got called tooo???he asked for all info from me including passport # and expiration…hope thats a good sighn..

Cj says:

I applied in october also….i got a call today and its Sunday…good luck to you!

mimi says:

i had went to my f2f today we went threw all the same process and they did ask 5 people to stay behind because of questions they had about their “passports” which sanked my heart.

Maria says:

This is a wonderful detailed account of your Delta application experience! Thank you for sharing! I am in 42 years old and flew with Emirates Airlines for six years back in the days. American carriers are very respectful of people slightly older than their asian based airline competitor. I hope that Delta would look past my age when I apply and if I get through any of the process you went thr

Cj says:

I just got a call from delta …thought it was a bill Listened to the voice mail…the man was not clear, made my husband listen, googled the call back number and ended up here to this wonderful blog! Gonna finish my research and then call back….sooo nervous. Wish me luck …✈

Shannon Allen says:

Hello, good evening! I just found this thread. This js great. I was curious about the language testing for the Language Qualification based positions. I noticed Nana had a French qualification. Nana you still around?
Thanks to you I am now expecting that third call.
I would greatly appreciate any information over this testing.
And to everyone who has posted in this thread, thank you so very much and the best of luck to all of you wherever you may find yourself! And a special thank you to the creator of this page!

Shannon says:

Hello, good evening! I just found this thread. This js great. I was curious about the language testing for the Language Qualification based positions. I noticed Nana had a French qualification. Nana you still around?
Thanks to you I am now expecting that third call.
I would greatly appreciate any information over this testing.
And to everyone who has posted in this thread, thank you so very much and the best of luck to all of you wherever you may find yourself! And a special thank you to the creator of this page!

Shannon says:

What kind of questions did you have for the language part of your test? Do you remember how many?
Thank you,

Excited4Change says:

Hello everyone!

I am so excited to have stumbled upon this blog, and I pray that since your last posts; you are all now on your way to becomming great FA’s!

I applied for the Delta FA-Non Bilingual Speaking position on October 7, 2013. I just heard from Delta for the first time on 2/27/14 advising me that they would like to move me forward in the process. In the email it gives me a number to call and asks that I have my passport when I call.

Now for my question. After applying so long ago and not hearing back, I never pursued obtaining my passport and went on working my normal job. When I got the email, I IMMEDIATELY went down and applied for my passport, paid to have it expedited; and paid for overnight shipping once it has completed it’s process.

What happens if I call this number and am still waiting for my passport to come? Do I lose the invitation or do I let them know it’s on it’s way and hope to proceed? I am so stressed because I never thought they would get back to me and now that they have I don’t want to lose the opportunity.

Can anyone help answer this question?
I appreciate you all and all of the info already provided on regards to the hiring process. Best of luck to you all!
Nichelle N.

Cj says:

Same here i dont have a valid passport….im gonna have to go through all of that if they give me a chance. Good luck with your process!

Excited4Change says:


Thank you. I am not sure if I will even be allowed to proceed while waiting for the passport. That’s the golden question. However get your passport now to alleviate this issue ahead of time. Pay to have it expedited and overnighted to you once it’s gone through it’s process, and give the passport a date that you need it by because it can take 5 – 7 business days to even show up in their system. They will do their best to get your passport to you by when you need it. I just got off the phone with the passport office and I’m in the 5 – 7 day waiting period for them to even see my request but I had already paid for it to be expedited. Save yourself the trouble of maybe losing the opportunity behind having to wait for the passport which may wing up being my fate. You can find everything you need regarding obtaining and expediting a passport request by visiting

Best of luck!

Cj says:


Thanks for the heads up….it is much appreciated. I talked to a Delta rep land she said i can call back as soon as i get my passport. So i did not get tomdo my phone interview πŸ˜”….I dont know how or if this will effect my position. Well, I am going to do it asap becuse I don’t want to miss this opportunity. Thanks for the link!

Best of luck!

CB3 says:


Greetings! I see we are pretty much in the same situation.
I was supposed to get my passport months ago; however, I misplaced by birth certificate twice due to moving and unpacking. I applied for a Delta FA position last week and got a call within 3 days. So today, I went and applied and paid for the expedited fee as well. The interviewer politely told me to call back once I have my passport and gave me a number and wished me Goodluck!
I think you should wait until you actually have it in your hand and then call back, that is what I am going to do at least.
In the meantime, I would prepare myself as best as I can for the interview so that you know will ace that and therefore that stress will be gone.
We will get there!! πŸ™‚

Shannon says:

Hi guys!

Anyone there that has taken the Language Qualification test? I heard it is automated and asks questions that you will answer as you are being recorded.

I have received the link for the test today.

If you are out there, please share as I am Nerrrrrrvous! πŸ™‚

Thank you,

Shannon says:

I guess Nana already listed the quiestions. I thought maybe there was more to it.
I am hoping that is it for now. πŸ™‚

Audrey says:

Hello Everybody!
I got an email about an interactive telephone-based interview. I was hoping that someone would be able to clarify me on what this is going to be about?
It this a language test?
Thanks for your help.

Shannon says:


It is a language test. Sorry just saw this. Hope it went well as I’m guessing you already took it by now. If not, good luck!!


audreyfly says:

Yes I did. Thank you for responding to my question through! I have a face 2 face interview next week, when is yours?

Shannon says:


That is super news. I just took the test when I wrote you, so yesterday. I have not heard anything yet. I am not a native speaker so I am not sure if I would be chosen for an interview but it is a second language for me. Which language did you test for? I read on this blog that we are usually notified within 1-3 days after the test. I am hoping for it but since I read over native, I am thinking it is possible I am not invited as I have that info on my resume. And I understand.

Good Luck! Wow, Next week! That is fast! πŸ˜€

Oh, and don’t forget to let me know your language. Did you take it on the third? If so, I am 3 days behind you! πŸ˜‰


audreyfly says:

I took the test on the 4th & they gave me a call the day after. I speak French
I don’t think you need to be a native speaker, you just need to be confidante in what you say. Don’t give up hope… I am sure you have your chances in getting a F2F interview πŸ™‚

What language do you speak?

Shannon says:


Also, I received an email Monday for the test and a second reminder one Tuesday but I did not get them until the day I wrote you. So, it would have been cool if I had also seen and taken the test the same day. Then, maybe I would be meeting you next week πŸ™‚


Shannon says:


I just saw your message. Okay, I am 2 days after you and mine was for Dutch. I wonder if they mix the languages on the f2f days.

Super excited for you! πŸ™‚

audreyfly says:

O ok… I didn’t get the first email they sent me either πŸ™‚ They had to send me 2 emails.
If they call you fast maybe your interview will be programmed the same day as me!

Did you do a french test too?

Shannon says:

Not sure if you saw my last message. Mine was for Dutch. πŸ˜€

audreyfly says:

Sorry about that, I just saw your too. lol
Dutch ok.
I think they do mix the languages together. Let me know if they call you! Fingers crossed πŸ™‚

Shannon says:

I will let you know! I haven’t done this before so if I do also get an interview and you have any language prep ideas or know if we have our big tests in that interview, please let me know. I’m not sure if they would tell us about the next language test in that f2f call or not. Well, I guess you would know! πŸ™‚

Shannon says:

Thank you for the fingers crossed! πŸ˜€ I will be checking back in with you no matter what for good luck wishes before your interview! Which day are you? Do you live in Atlanta?

audreyfly says:

It’s the 14th. I live in San Diego, California.
I’ll let you know how things go for me but seeing everything that people post, getting a job offer would be luck πŸ™‚

Savvysav says:

This post has helped me so much! I applied back in october and they actually called me in November but for various issues I never returned their call. I was surprised for them to call me again in february. I called them back and passed my first two phone interviews and now I have my f2f this Thursday the 13th and I will be flying in from LA. πŸ™‚ I know this is an extremely hard job to get but I am just excited to make it this far.

CB3 says:

Oh! Congrats!! I wish you the best and know you will do well enough to secure the job!!
Keep us updated!
I’m excited for u!

love_life says:

Congratulations & good luck to you! πŸ˜€

Shannon says:

Good luck Savvysav!!! You will do great! πŸ˜€

audreyfly says:

Hello Shannon,
Any news yet?


Shannon says:


In case I don’t check back in before Friday I want to wish you good luck!!! Super excited for you! Please let me know how it goes. πŸ™‚

I am still waiting. πŸ™‚ I will continue to check-in.

I wonder if you have to do a French test Friday. Exciting.

Best of luck to you!


audreyfly says:

Thank you!!! I’ll keep you updated πŸ™‚
If there are any French tests that’s fine with me because it’s my native language so hopefully I’ll be able to manage them.

Sad see that you haven’t heard from them yet. I was hoping to see you Friday with me at the interview… 😦
Keep me in touch.

Shannon says:

I just saw the reply link. I will be back soon, I had just happened to see the job opening and applied while I was here and it happened all in a couple of days. I am from Miami, FL. I will check in on you! πŸ˜‰


Shannon says:

Hi Audrey!

How did it go? I hope well! Let me know.


Shannon says:


I did not figure when you said you got the call before I took the test, that I would be at the same day that you are in but that would have been great! πŸ˜€ I think that day I wrote you was already Friday. I am in The Netherlands now so I was hoping if I were to be called, that I could go the next week. Fingers crossed!

It is funny how excited I am for you! πŸ˜€ Hehe


Kim says:

Does anyone know if you have to have your HS diploma? I can’t find my certificate buy I have my transcripts. Will that be OK?

virginia says:

Is anyone going to F2F 3/18 7:30AM? Please contact me πŸ™‚

Patrick says:

Good Day Everyone,
Does anyone have a F2F interview in Atlanta on 3/19/14 (Wednesday) at 12:30pm? I’d love to correspond & possibly meet up before hand(Tuesday Night). I’m assuming that I will have a flight into Atlanta Tuesday Night. I’m trying to plan ahead and find someone to meet and maybe share the hotel room. I’m coming from Los Angeles. I won’t have my flight itinerary most likely until the day before. :). Thanks Email me patrickwolve at Goodluck everyone! Keep Smiling

Patrick says:

F2F interview in Atlanta on 3/19/14 (Wednesday) at 12:30pm? I’d love to correspond & possibly meet up before hand(Tuesday Night). Flying into Atlanta Tuesday Night. I’m trying to plan ahead and find someone to meet and maybe share the hotel room. I’m coming from Los Angeles. :). Thanks Email me patrickwolve at Hit me up

mercedes says:

hey y’all did anyone take the french test on the phone?

Hyun Jung Jung says:

Is there anyone who can post recent phone interview questions about STAT questions? My phone interview is coming on this Mon. I’ve prepared many questions but want to narrow them down to focus on. Help me, please!!! says:

I have a quick question that is confusing. I have seen conflicting answers. I had a phone interview this morning. It was quite extensive. she told me a senior recruiter would be calling me back TODAY and was I available all day. I said yes and if I didn’t answer they would leave to voice messages for me to call back. I still have not heard back yet. Is that their way of dismissing me or should I still be expecting a call. She was pretty insistent that I would be called today, so now I am confused. Thanks everyone and good luck. Glad I found this thread.

ken says:

Anyone interviewing Wednesday morning @ 7.30am? email me @ thank

Balinda says:

Do you know how long you have to wait to reapply if you were not selected after the F2F?

Chelsea says:

Has anyone done the Language Assessment with Hirevue? I am going to do it this afternoon or tomorrow and am feeling sort of nervous about it. My first experience with Hirevue wasn’t all that pleasant because I feel like I’m just speaking to myself in a mirror. I really don’t like that method of interviewing… Anyway, it has been a while since my language skills have been assessed. Can you tell me about what types of questions are asked? I assume and hope they are not interview questions…

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