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Ronnie’s in Orlando, Florida,  was a mainstay back in the 60’s-90’s. My husband said as a kid after a visit to the pediatrician in Winter Park his mom and dad would take him to Ronnie’s for lunch. Every table had a crock of pickles and a container of coleslaw.

I posted on Facebook my attempt at pickle making and friends said they’d go eat at Ronnie’s after fall back-to-school shopping, or family outings to Orlando,  or breakfast on Sunday’s after church, etc. Ronnie’s was a classic!

Since I’ve heard about Ronnie’s dill pickles for years and years I decided to see if I could try and find their recipe.

Sure enough I’m not the only one looking for the recipe. In the Orlando Sentinel newspaper someone inquired and they published the recipe.

My girlfriend and I got together last Friday and started making pickles. This particular recipe calls for a crock to hold approximately 5 pounds, compared to typical pickle recipes that are canned in quart jars.

Both of us realized we didn’t have a ceramic crock or glass jar handy.  After a Google search I learned that Firehouse Subs sells their food safe plastic pickle tubs for 2 dollars each. The proceeds go to local firefighters.

This was much more appealing than purchasing $60 crock that I may only use one time.

Attached are pictures of our pickle making project.


Cukes in water and pickling spices


Fresh dill on top


Layer of cheesecloth on top


Weight (plate) to hold pickles under water


Thanks, Firehouse Subs


Pickle chefs extraordinary.  I’m in the ponytail.


Day 4 into the fridge


Quart jars and reusable dry erase labels

Can’t wait!


et cetera