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{November 13, 2017}   R&R

Tagged along on the hubs conference. Lots of resting and relaxing. 


{November 13, 2017}   Yep. This. 

{November 13, 2017}   November Vitamin D

It felt more like a summer day than a winter day today in Colorado. 

Am old gold and silver mining town turned casino town. I don’t care for gambling, so was very happy to learn that we were staying at one of the nicest hotels in the area call the Ameristar Resort.

{September 28, 2017}   Take a tab… 

I spotted this in the women’s locker room at Gold’s Gym yesterday. Today all tabs were gone except one. This is GREAT!! 

{July 5, 2017}   Shoes and Brews 

What a great concept… Running shoes store and brewery.  Located in Longmont, Colorado. 

Copper John and me! 

{February 13, 2017}   Death By Coconut 

​Oskar Blues Death By Coconut in Rum Barrels released at noon, and Disastrous Molasses, released today at 3pm. Trying them both. Yum

{December 25, 2016}   Merry Christmas! 

4 sets of girl feet in Christmas PJ’s

Christmas in the Florida Keys 

{December 5, 2016}   Pheasant Hunting November 2016 

Although copper John and I were not successful pheasant hunting,  we sure did have a good time walk in the fields looking for birds.

{December 5, 2016}   Oh no you didn’t! 

​So this one has taken to rubbing his face in the tree after each meal, as if it’s one big, gigantic personal napkin. I’m thinking it may go without ornaments this Christmas. Oh, Copper John!. P. S. I’ve made it my mission to catch it on video.

I’ll have a Skinny Flat White, and a Puppaccino for my amazing sidekick, Copper John.  20161202_091117

{October 17, 2016}   Autumn in Colorado 

I wish I could freeze time. Autumn in Colorado is spectacular,but far too short. 

{October 3, 2016}   My heart dog…Copper John

I’ve heard that there are certain dogs that come along in your life that are your heart dogs.  Well, Copper John is mine.  He’s seven years old and almost left us in July because of a football size abscess in his gut we didn’t know about. He’s healed and I swear he’s grateful.  He stays glued to my side, except when he’s running full out on our walks/hikes/runs.  He does 10 miles for my 3.  I love this boy.


{September 20, 2016}   Lake Agnes near Ward, Colorado 

I’m trying to get in camping before the colder weather comes in, not that it will stop us from camping, but this time is perfect! A little nip in the air and cold nights at higher elevations (10,000 feet) makes for great sleeping weather. 

These pics are from Lake Agnes near Ward, Colorado. It’s a very, very beautiful and serene place. 

{September 20, 2016}   Overflowing With Gratitude 

​I broke out my coveted coffee beans today… Montana Coffee Traders Flathead Cherry 🍒 ☕ Celebrating that I’m fortunate to live in the greatest country in the world, and that our Copper John was given a second chance at life with us. Ah, life is truly good.

{September 20, 2016}   Palisade Colorado Peaches 

Georgia doesn’t have anything on Palisade peaches. This one is the size of a baby’s head! Next up is apple season. 

​An exquisite farm to table dinner under a lovely moon. It was AMAZING! Thanks to Mitch Carson, President and CEO of Longmont United Hospital for hosting a memorable culinary experience at Lone Hawk Farm in Boulder. Kudos to Chef Grant of GB Culinary for a meal I won’t soon forget.

{September 3, 2016}   Key West Sunset 

So serene. 

{September 2, 2016}   Wednesday in Colorado 

Wow. Just wow. 

{September 1, 2016}   Sunset in Key Largo 

The Tropical storm may be hitting a lot of Florida, but the Keys are dry, and so very beautiful. 

{August 25, 2016}   Bioluminescent Kayaking 

Absolutely one of the neatest things I’ve ever done in my life, and it turns out it was in my backyard growing up. During the hotter months in Florida the waters glow from bioluminescent plankton. Swishing a paddle in the water in a kayak causes a neon glow that is spectacular. Unfortunately I couldn’t capture the brilliance in the dark using my cell phone. I’m hoping someone shot some good pictures. 

Amazing morning kayaking trip in and out of the mangroves. We saw manatees, fish and birds.

{August 20, 2016}   Nighttime kayaking 

At Kelly Park in Merritt Island,  Florida 

Amazing weekend in the Colorado mountains… 

{July 27, 2016}   Wednesday in Colorado 

{July 4, 2016}   Overflowing With Gratitude 

​I broke out my coveted coffee beans today… Montana Coffee Traders Flathead Cherry 🍒 ☕ Celebrating that I’m fortunate to live in the greatest country in the world, and that our Copper John was given a second chance at life with us. Ah, life is truly good.

{July 1, 2016}   Helping Copper John 

Copper John is our crazy, fun loving, wiggle butt 7-year old Vizsla rescued through CO-WY Vizsla Rescue.  One week ago he started feeling badly.  After 4 vets and crazy high quotes he was diagnosed at Colorado State University’s Teaching Hospital with an abscess in his esophagus.  On 6/30 he had major surgery. They removed an abcess the size of a large man’s forearm about 5-inches across and 10-inches long!  The surgery costs are thousands not including what we’ve already paid. WE NEED YOUR HELP. 🙂  The surgery was needed for Copper John to live another day sniffing out bunnies and chasing squirrels.  Any amount will help because it all adds up.  If you can donate $50 or more we will print off our Wiggle Butt Apricot Ale Beer label, frame it and send it to you as a thanks.  If you can donate $25-$49 we’ll send you the label to frame yourself.  Please send me your contact information if you want receive the gifts from us (see it in the pics on the YouCaring page-link below or picture below).

Copper John with his doctors at Colorado State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital. His surgeon, Dr Tarvik is on the right. 

Copper John in his high oxygen crate

Copper John chasing squirrels 

{June 13, 2016}   Mmm, bacon

The advantages of having a husband who has summers off…. He’s “makin’ bacon”. This batch is made with a maple and bourbon espresso cure. Betting it will be his best yet!


{June 9, 2016}   Untouched



A beautiful Colorado sunset

{June 4, 2016}   Bacon Peanut Brittle

He’s in heaven, and I have to admit it’s damn tasty!


1st empty nest Saturday evening. My beverage is all that and more: a spin on  a Manhattan… Orange & Blueberry Infused Bourbon with a splash of Chocolate Bitters. Sitting outside on the deck on a beautiful June evening.


Bought the tickets for the New Brewfest in Prospect when the predicted forecast was warm and sunny. Frickin’ cold but it’s still all good.




A sprinkle of extra virgin olive oil.  A sprinkle of sea salt. Done. The best salad ever.


{May 9, 2016}   Soon to be am Eagle Scout


As I sew on the last three merit badges I think back to the day when my now eighteen year old was just a kindergartener, starting out in Cub Scouts. It seems like yesterday.

Since then he’s made so many Scouting memories, from accumulating frost points for camping in below freezing temps in northern Colorado, to Pinewood Derby races in Georgia, to planting seedling trees in Nebraska, to swimming in the Flathead Lake in Montana, elk hunting and bird hunting in several states, and scuba diving in the Florida Keys. All of these experiences helped shape him into the man he is today.

He’ll never forget the “10 essentials”, or the CPR training, or gun safety training, or the “strikeless award”  he and Sean received because they couldn’t start a campfire.

He’s learned how to fundraise through popcorn sales, wreath sales at Christmastime, and concession stand sales.

Over the span of 13 years he’s learned to volunteer and to give back, whether it be through training younger Scouts, or by presenting the colors at a community event, or helping out at a town fair.

He met his two best friends in Scouts, one in Georgia and one in Colorado. Although the friends now reside in other states I have no doubt they’ll remain friends for life.

There is a special bond between Scouts, no matter the age. I recall a Georgia neighbor in his 80’s giving Collin his Scouting book from when he was a child. I can still see him turning the yellowed and worn pages.

I look forward to the Eagle ceremony, realizing only 2% of Scouts reach this level. He will be in good company with former Presidents and company CEO’s. I’m not sure of what his path will be, but I am confident that he has the skills and experience necessary to be successful, thanks in part to the Boy Scouts of America.


Statistics show only 2% of Scouts go on to complete their Eagle Scout

I’m pleasantly surprised by Panera’s new broth bowl: the Thai Garden Chicken Wonton.  It’s really quite good, but pricey at $8.79.


{April 8, 2016}   Grapefruit Sculpin


Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin, San Diego, California

Very good! Found it at Burgers & Barley in Park City, Utah.


We’re spending time with friends, Miles and Linda, in Salt Lake City over spring break. Their place has amazing views of the city from Cottonwood Heights.

It’s a gorgeous time of year here with flowers and trees blooming,yet skiing is still an option in the mountains at the resorts.







{April 4, 2016}   Deck Time

After a loooong Monday it is time to relax on the deck. The weather is just perfect. I’ll need a jacket after the sun goes down.

Great catching up with Bob today. It’s been years but feels like yesterday. Love those kind of friend connections.


You know the saying sly as a fox? Well the fox I spotted on my drive home from work isn’t too sly or smart. He was standing in the middle of the road as I drove up.  I pulled over and he ran off to a side dirt road, so I snapped a picture of him. Pretty little guy.


{April 3, 2016}   2nd Batch of Beer

Today we are bottling our second batch of beer. We’ve decided to name this one Indian River Summer Orange Weitbier, after where we grew up, which was on the east coast of Florida near Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral. Can’t wait to make the labels for this one!


Just bottled beer. Ready in two weeks.


Checking the alcohol content

{March 23, 2016}   Irish Themed Dinner Party

We love to cook.  We love to entertain.  A great way to do both is to have a dinner party and break bread together with dear friends.

We decided to have an Irish themed dinner party the day after St.  Patrick’s Day. We came up with an amazing menu with each course complimenting the other.  The invitation….

Please join us for an Irish inspired meal at our home.  Feel free to arrive anytime after 5pm for cocktail o’hour.  Dinner to follow.  

Pre Dinner Cocktails & Starter

Tipsy Leprechaun with Bailey’s Irish Cream, Colorado’s Tincup Whiskey, Creme de Menthe

Marinated Apricots served over Honeyed Whiskey Cheese

Dinner Menu

Potato Leek Soup

Smoke-Roasted Glazed Corned Beef with Whole Grain Mustard and a Horseradish Cream Sauce paired with Wiggle Butt Apricot Ale

Smashed Potatoes

Pickled Cabbage Slaw

Brown Butter Soda Bread with Irish Farm Butter


Irish Coffee

Bailey’s Irish Cream Cookies & Cream Parfait

Now the pictures…








Decided to get outdoors today because it is gorgeous! After a trip to the dog park we hit Echo Brewing in Erie, Colorado, and sat outside in the sun. We sampled New Holland Dragon’s Milk and my personal favorite, Dry Dock Apricot Blonde. Both were fantastic.




{March 20, 2016}   Locally Sourced Honey

Love, love, love buying local honey. This came from a self serve stand in Berthoud, Colorado, called Daisy Lane Honey. This is the first time I’ve purchased the decorative bottle. It’s so pretty I can leave it out.

**Buying local honey helps with allergies.**




{March 17, 2016}   Potato Leek Soup



Working on the Irish inspired dinner party. The leeks look such a beautiful green!


It’s so beautiful. This time we’re making an Orange Blossom Weitbier with orange rind and Coriander. We’re adding a tincture made from orange rind that’s been soaked in vodka.


{March 5, 2016}   Wine Soap

I’m in the process of making wine using an Australian Malbec wine kit. The sludge that is left in the bottom of the carboy is called lees.  It’s really a beautiful grape colored sludge. I went to the Internet to try to figure out what to do with it, and it turns out you can use it to make bread. I’ll try that next time. This time I added it to my homemade soap recipe. It turned from a grape color to a gorgeous chocolate color. The soap has to cure for 6 weeks. I can’t wait to see what it look like one cures. Maybe the purple will come back? (the lees is on the plate…was trying to show the grape color).


et cetera